Let’s face it, a lot of them are just repeating things they’ve either heard on the internet, around the water cooler at the shop or that they learned from our books and video in the first place. We have worked with powertrain controls in the OEM and racing worlds for DECADES and have the experience necessary to bring you the right solution the first time.
Generally, videos will be available for viewing for one year after initial purchase. We reserve the right to update videos along the way with newer content that brings more value.
Yes, as long as it really is your device. We take piracy seriously and have unfortunately had to deal with this before. Don’t be that guy, we can see who’s using each login and where. This isn’t Netflix, it’s professional training. Stealing from us just makes it take longer to get new content made for all the good people.
Our older content was originally released on DVD and BluRay through Detroit Technical Media. Those are still available there, but much of our new content will be exclusive to this streaming site.
Once the video has been opened, you have received our product. Since it cannot be unseen, we cannot offer a refund.
Send us an email at email@detroittechnicalmedia.com and we will work with you to get a solution.
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Check out the Boot Camp page for videos that walk through much of the basics of EFI controls and calibration. These lessons can be applied to just about anything with a fuel injector and a spark plug.
Our advanced videos cover many of the topics that other trainers just can’t seem to explain properly. You will get an unfiltered, accurate explanation of how these specific systems work with no BS and no village wisdom. See it here first before everyone tries to repeat later.
Whenever possible, we strongly recommend leaving all emissions components and ECU functions completely intact. It is very possible to make ridiculous amounts of power while remaining emissions compliant today. Lots of tooners turn this stuff off because it can be a challenge to calibrate properly. This is our jam, we have been working on emissions legal programs for decades and continue to work on modern systems that pass the current, stringent standards.
We have previously done tons of classes through Calibrated Success. That material is now available in the comfort of your own home/shop here. Our current focus is on bringing as much high quality video content here as possible where we can reach more people affordably and quickly. If you have a group that is interested in a specific live class, please contact greg@calibratedsuccess.com directly.
While we’d love to see you enjoying your project on the road, our philosophy is to teach a man to fish. We simply get way too many requests like this to have any chance of keeping up with them all. Much like a well written instructional manual, if one simply watches our videos from start to finish, 95% of all issues are already covered.
Sorry, we speak English. ‘Murican English.
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