Boot Camp


If you’re just getting started with EFI calibration (what lots of other people call “tuning”), instructors often want to push you straight into a “click here and type in this” mentality without any real explanation of what you’re really doing or why. Often, they themselves don’t know because it’s just the way they learned and have done it for so long.

Our approach is different.

Our Advanced Tuning Series walks through the universal truths of engine controls and calibration. We break it down into lessons that focus on the core concepts that can be applied to any EFI system. Things like fuel chemistry, airflow measurement and spark advance requirements do not care what badge is on the fender.
They all obey the same laws of physics and we explain these in plain English so that you can confidently apply the lesson to your own projects.
Lessons are targeted at equipping you with the knowledge to solve problems on your own without resorting to waiting for someone else to spoon feed you an answer that may not even be right for your application. This is SIX hours of training and you will learn quite a bit after these 4 videos so jump

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